Design for Manufacturing

Delaying Design for Manufacturing can force expensive changes later in the process.

Our engineers offer a thorough Design for Manufacturing to identify and address risks early.

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Moldflow Analysis

The wrong gates, wall thicknesses, and vents increase sink, shrink, and warp risks.

Moldflow simulation provides insight into part and mold design decisions for optimized fill, pack and hold, and cool.

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Mold Build

Too many molds suffer from excessive cycle times and wasted materials. We believe a quality mold is a lean mold.

We will submit your mold design to you for review. When you approve your mold design, we will begin the mold build and assembly.

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Sample your Mold

Once your mold is assembled, you will be ready for the first shots off the tool.

The debugging phase addresses mold changes to achieve conforming parts.

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Inspect your Samples

We perform first article, visual, dimensional, and functional inspections on parts. Our Smartscope can inspect to the fifth decimal.

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Qualify Your Process

Our engineers use the principles of Scientific Molding to perform operational qualification and performance qualification on injection molds. This establishes the qualified process window for the molding.

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Repair your Mold

Sometimes poorly designed or poorly crafted molds suffer unnecessary damage.

Our master moldmakers inspect, diagnose, redesign, and repair damaged or worn injection molds.

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Maintain your Mold

Every mold has a useful life. Extending the useful life of a mold brings savings and reduces risks.

Our moldmakers investigate and remediate any wear in knockouts, parting lines, cams, shutoffs, and vents.

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Upgrade your Mold

Some molds suffer from misalignment, locking, premature knockout wear, improper steel, and long cycle times.

The Thal moldmakers upgrade molds with parting line locks, Armoloy-coated KO pins, shot counters, guided ejection, hot sprue conversion, and cooling system improvements.

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Prototype your Parts

Making the commitment to move from design to mold brings risks. Prototyping offers insights into product performance to support design changes.

We offer machining and 3D printing services to build prototypes to help prove your design.

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Machine Mold Components

Part designs change. Mold components get damaged. Mold inserts wear beyond repair.

We create new inserts, build new components, and construct spare inserts for our injection molding clients.

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Manufacture Fixtures

Manual assembly can lead to higher cycles and quality issues. Edge gates can leave a high vestige. Handloads can absorb unwanted heat from the molding process.

Assembly fixtures speed assembly cycles and improve quality. Degating fixtures improve gate vestiges. Cooling fixtures draw heat from handloads between cycles.

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